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Week 15 .

Dolls House Planning/Ideas & Performance Workshop

Dolls House Planning

This week I began planning for my dolls house idea. I had been doing lots of research into finding a second hand pre built dolls house however it has been a struggle trying to source one due to either distance or the cost. Dolls houses are expensive. Dolls house kits are even more expensive. Had the workshops/studios been open, I would've ideally worked with the technicians, however as this is semester 2 and the 4th years are priority at the moment with access, I don't know if getting a full dolls house built within this time scale would've been attainable. Therefore, I have decided to try out a wee idea that involves some recycling. I am thinking about making a sort of shell of a house out of card board boxes and paper mache, not ideal, but it is the only materials I can afford/get a hold of right now during lockdown.

↑ my rough (shitty) sketch/outline is inspired by classic gothic haunted house vibes since that is a staple motif in gothic stories. Since I'm not the best at drawing I thought it would be interesting to collage together a wee house design out of images of existing gothic houses . I compiled my house inspiration into a pintrest board -

From these images I created this:

I really like this we collage as a start point, I find the different perceptions and proportions very interesting, it goes well with creating a somewhat obscure, dream-like atmosphere. This college will be used as a general outline for the actual dollshouse structure i am planning on building.

Performance Workshop

I took part in the performance workshop ran by Pernille and Erica and I really enjoyed it, it really gave me an insight and understanding of performance art, and it was great to see what the rest of the groups performance works. The piece I made for this workshop was really impulsive because I was too motivated to rattle this quick film idea out that I forgot this was a performance workshop not a film workshop... oopsie. However I guess the sound piece I made along with this film was performative in a sense. I made my own sounds using objects or random noises around my flat to then edit together and tell a story/ create a journey through sound. For the film side of this piece, I stuck my wee collage onto my laptop screen which had a video of a rainy field playing in the background. I did this because I don't have a green screen so this was my DIY way of creating that effect and giving my house collage a sense of space, I think it actually turned out well. This piece really focuses on building suspense, the viewer is made uneasy about what may be behind the door or if something is about to abruptly happen.

Here is the film I showed at this workshop:

My performance workshop comments:

  • Check out Edward Hopper & Psycho Barn by Cornelia Parker

  • The Wrong House: The Architecture of Alfred Hitchcock

  • Try out the software "Blender" - 2D - 3D modeling & animation software

^ that last suggestion sounds great although my laptop might explode...


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