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Week 20 .

Sound experimentation, group crits, green screen practice & more photoshoots

Sound Experimentation

In preparation for the group crits, I decided to show a sound piece I have been working on. I had taken a poem that I had made last semester and recorded me speaking it. This is actually my first time using my microphone to record my voice so I think I will definitely need to work on how to work the settings properly so that the microphone can be used to its full high quality and potential.

I made use of my microphones multi directional audio settings to make my voice appear from the left, more centrally, and to the right. I also decided to whisper this piece as I feel

like the poem is as if an angel or some shadow figure is whispering these positive aspirations to you. As if these words are meant for only you to hear. In the background I mixed and edited a bunch of different sounds to make them sound ethereal and immersive. The sound piece begins intensely, as if the voice is trying to break through into your mind. The middle of this sound piece, the background noise sound like rain, it is calming, as if the voice is washing bad thoughts away. The last part of the sound piece has birds chirping in the background, it gives a sense of hope and tranquility. A sense of peace.

(It is the sound piece titled "Life is Fragile")

Group Crits

The group crits went really well, I like those kind of group crits where you stay silent until the group has discussed your work. I got good feedback and comments from the group which made me feel really confident in my work and made me feel inspired to create more sound pieces like this. Here is what the group had to say:

Green Screen Practice

I took some photos quickly with my iPhone of my wee model house against some green paper to try out a green screen idea. I do not yet own a green screen however it has been something I have always been meaning to buy, just not had the money.

I think this wee experiment turned out half decent for it being my first time using a green screen despite me putting green leaves in front of a green screen (rookie mistake). I also didnt consider lighting so I will remember that for next time to ensure the green screen is evenly lit. It has definitely opened a door for new possibilities to amplify my art practice and skills.

More Photoshoots

Back at it again helping Sara take photos for another photoshoot. We both went to Zenova fabrics the other day whilst I was picking up a few bits and bobs and she found these beautiful gold fabrics to transform our living room chair into a throne. Definitely my fave shoot I've done with her, the photos turned out beautiful and powerful!


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