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Week 21 .

Taking my wee house out and about, sound experimentation & artist book call out

Wee house adventures

I wanted to play about with perception and put my wee house in a setting that looks natural but also a bit obscure. I took my wee house down to the Howff and took lots of pictures of it in different settings and angles.

I was inspired by the film Alice (1988) film by Jan Švankmajer and how the film is constantly shifting between different perceptions and bringing in puppets and dolls houses to help alter the perception.

Here is the link to see ALL the final photographs I took:

I titled this series of photographs, "The Mind Wanders..." I felt a connection between myself and the graveyard that day, I recognised the history and lives that once walked this city that are now one with the earth and nature beneath my feet. I was aware of my own mortality. I also feel like the house is a representation of my mind, how it wanders often. The fact that my mind wandered off into a tangent of life and death whilst visiting the cemetery shows this.

I was also reminded of a piece of writing I did last semester called 'Mortality' which you can read here: . My visit to the cemetery has inspired me to put together a few more wee pieces of writing as well as give me inspiration to bring my poem 'Mortality' to life through the use of sound.

Sound Experimentation

After I got home from the Howff I set up my microphone and began recording the voice over to my poem 'Mortality.' For this sound piece I want the main focus to be on the words, no added background noise, simply just the sound of my voice. I wanted to make this piece sound like an empty endless void so I added a bit of reverb to my voice, as well as spacing out each line. I thought it would be good to experiment with film and re visit some of the film work I was doing last year by adding some captions, only this time there is no mad imagery or creative use of captions entering on and off screen. Just a blank screen and simple captions.

Artist Book Call Out

All semester I have been contemplating ways to go about putting together an artist book and after researching more into gothic novels for my research report. I thought it would be a nice I idea to curate my own wee "storybook" containing peoples thoughts/stories/experiences with regards to human experience (such as time, mortality, mental health, etc).

Although the work I am doing this semester is all about myself and my own mind, I thought this artist book idea would be a nice wee project to compliment this as it will be a book that contains a variety of peoples different experiences. As cheesy and cliche as it sounds, the book will become a reminder that everyone has a different story, their own mind, their own experience. No one walks this Earth on the same path, everyone has their own journey. This book will also be a reminder that you are not alone, maybe some of the things I may get sent is relatable to someone out there.


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