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Week 23.

Research report week, sound research & taking the Beast home

Research Report Week

This week my main focus was on completing my research report for the introduction to dissertation module. I took great enjoyment out of writing my research report as a lot of the research I had been doing overlapped with my studio practice, therefore I had gathered a lot of sources of information over the course of this semester.

My research report is an exploration into the elements of Gothic, its evolution, and its influence on contemporary art, literature, and film. This topic is something that I have had a huge interest in for many years as I have a great love for classic gothic novels and films. I just love how although the Gothic genre uses many reoccurring motifs such as the decrepit castle, the ominous atmosphere, and the supernatural, I enjoy how these elements reflect reality.

Gothic art also helped me during the period of my life, between the ages of 14 - 20 where I experienced really bad sleep paralysis and insomnia every night, I came across the painting, The Nightmare, by Henry Fuseli. To me, this painting radiates both comfort and unnerving energy . The comfort of coming face to face with a image that closely depicts the idea of sleep paralysis, I had never seen a piece of art which showed this image with such great resemblance. And the unnerving energy of the hidden symbols and interpretations within this painting such as it being an interpretation of an incubus, a mythological creature that is supposedly a lusty male demon who attacks women to satisfies his sexual urges while they sleep.

I am drawn to how Gothic delves deeper than just spooky stories with reoccurring motifs and how it relies on human experiences , exposing fears by telling us fundamental human truths whilst disguising them in extraordinary tales.

Sound Research

The gothic music genre was some thing I had in the back of my mind whilst writing my research report. I have been really into the gothic and alternative music genres for many years now, and whilst listening to my playlist one day I became aware of the ways in which some of my favourite bands make use of sound and ambient noises. I noticed that have subconsciously applied their influence into my own work. I just found that this was an interesting observation, here is a wee example of the kind of sounds I am referring to (you don't need to listen the whole way through):

Taking 'the Beast' home

Let me set the scene, Sara calls me saying she really needs my help and I need to go get her immediately, I then start speed walking down Seagate and through town and what do I see in the distance? THE BEAST.

Genuinely such a funny sight to see in the middle of town, we probably shocked some locals carrying that painting home. Seeing her and Laurie carrying it up the stairwell of our close was even funnier. But yes, the Beast made it home and is now the new addition to our living room.



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