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Week 25 .

Paper making for artist book & website building

Paper making

This week I started making my own paper in preparation for my artist book. I was overwhelmingly happy with the response I got for my artist book call out, this is my first time doing a call out for anything and I was so surprised by the amount of submissions I had received. I plan on getting this book finalised by the end of next week.

Website building

I have never felt confident enough to make an artist website. I have always never felt comfortable showing my work as I never thought it was good enough. During this semester and looking back on some of the work I produced over last year, I realised that I am developing a body of work that has evolved and became more refined as time goes on. Since I work mainly with digital mediums, I think now is the right time to start putting together my own wee website to showcase my work. I was inspired by the Mind of an Art Student website to use Wix as my platform as it seems to offer lots of customisable elements.

You are hopefully reading this blog post on my website by now....



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