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Week 26 .

The last leg...

Before I go on to talk about what I have been up to during this final week, I want to take a moment to reflect on this semester. My project and ideas have taken many twists, turns and journeys. I managed to overcome failures, stand my ground against my mental health, as well as create a body of work that I can actually say I am proud of. Last semester I really feel like I just scraped the surface with my art, it wasn't focused and was lacking. This semester I truly believe I have elevated and evolved my art practice and have definitely paved to way for my future art endeavors. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone, both with the way in which I use digital media, as well as focusing my art on my own self. I submitted work into exhibitions, learned new technical skills, and found a new sense of confidence in myself.

This week...

Helping Sara put her film together

This week I let Sara use my microphone to record her sound piece for her film as I couldn't stand to watch her use her phone to record her sound after I realised the importance a good mic has on transforming your sound & film this semester. I also gave her some help with editing her film and gave her wee tips and tricks on editing with Premiere.

Submitting to Generator Projects Annual Members Show 2021

I chose to submit my 'Head In The Clouds' film to Generator. I didnt get the chance to submit any work for their last members show so I definitely wanted to submit something this year. Originally I wanted to submit my 'My Mind Is Like A House' sound piece, however due to covid and the fact that this piece needs headphones, they wouldn't let me submit that due to the risk of headphone sharing and the upkeep of sanitisation.



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