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Share Your Subconscious With Me


'Share Your Subconscious With Me,' is a reminder that everyone has a different story, their own mind, their own experience. It is like a secret diary, all the thoughts, stories, experiences, poems and art contained in this book will live forever and stored in a safe place. No one walks this Earth on the same path, everyone has their own journey. This book will also be a reminder that you are not alone, maybe some of the things I may get sent is relatable to someone out there. 

Check out the book below:

I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who contributed their own thoughts, experiences, poems, and art to help me put together this book.


Thanks for sharing your subconscious with me –


Chantal Simić

Gaby Meskauskaite

Genevieve Sawyer Males

Gemma Coldwell

Jamie Ewen

Joy Montgomery

Maria Christidi

Maria Touloupa

Megan Macfarlane

Rachel Ashton

Sara Pakdel-Cherry

Tim Kirman


all the anonymous contributors

Check out my blog post about how I made this book here:

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