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Week 19 .

Broughty Ferry, studios reopening & model house

Broughty Ferry

After a random burst of inspiration, Sara decided she wanted to catch the natural sunrise lighting and do a shoot down at Broughty Ferry beach. I went along for the vibes. Me and Sara met up with Rachel Simpson (masks on/social distancing) and got the bus at half 5 in the morning to catch the sunrise on time. I'm pretty sure it was like -1 degrees outside, it was so unbelievably cold. I literally feared for Sara's life having to literally change into a dress down at the beach. Rachel took the photos for Sara this time, and I was there to help with carrying the blankets and making sure everyone was safe. Although we never stayed long, the photos that came out of it were amazing!

Studios Reopening

I am honestly so happy the studios are reopening, it is like a breath of fresh air and a wee reminder that normality is on its way (touch wood). I want to make use of my studio this semester as it gives me a new setting to work in, gets me out the flat, and will hopefully stop me being so distracted.

Model Making

I had an idea inspired by seeing my dads model railway that I could get a hold of a wee model house kit and make a wee miniature house to experiment with since I haven't been able to make a full scale dolls house. This wee thing took me 3 whole hours to build but it turned out so well. I want to put it against a green screen or take it places and play with setting and perception.


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